A new article is out: Role of LCF scale as an outcome prognostic index in patients with traumatic brain injury

Dear all, it is with extreme plaseure that I am announcing a new epidemiological study of Elena Rossato, MD, which I co-authored.

Rossato, E., Verzini, E., Scandola, M., Ferrari, F., & Bonadiman, S. (2021). Role of LCF scale as an outcome prognostic index in patients with traumatic brain injury. Neurological Sciences, 42(7), 2747–2752. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10072-020-04852-1


The disabling effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) present a significant healthcare concern to developed countries. In order to achieve a reliable prognosis, validated assessment scales are used to monitor the cognitive outcome, like the Level of Cognitive Functioning Scale, or the overall functional outcome, namely the Functional Independence Measure and Glasgow Outcome Scale. The aim of our study was to evaluate the role of Level of Cognitive Functioning Scale (LCF) as an outcome prognostic index in patients with TBI. Materials and methods: Fifty-four patients with TBI with a mean age of 44.9 years (SD 20.915) were enrolled in this retrospective study. Patients were evaluated at admission and at discharge using the Glasgow Outcome Scale, Functional Independence Measure, and Level of Cognitive Functioning Scale. The Glasgow Outcome Scale was also implemented at 6 months after discharge (OUTCOME.GOS), whereas the LCF was used twice a week throughout hospitalization. For our purpose, we named LCF at admission LCFa, whereas permanence in the same LCF value (number of days), LCFaL. Results: Δ.GOS, Δ.FIM (Δ = difference between value at discharge and at admission), and OUTCOME.GOS were significantly affected by age, length of stay, LCFa, and LCFaL. Conclusion: The LCF can give a valuable indication to the prognosis of patients with TBI besides monitoring changes in cognitive function. This allows for individual rehabilitation plan, and long-term management strategies could be developed more quickly upon patient’s discharge. Consequently, valuable healthcare and social care resources could be assigned correctly.